2024 Jeju International Island Symposium (JIIS)

Biodiversity & Natural Resources

July 9 Tuesday ~ July 11 Thursday,  Ramada Plaza Jeju, Korea 

2024 Jeju International Island

Symposium (JIIS)

Biodiversity & Natural Resources 

July 9 Tuesday ~ July 11 Thursday

Ramada Plaza Jeju, Korea 



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Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement
The Autonomous Management Key Institute of Jeju National University(AMKI JEJU) values your personal information. The AMKI JEJU informs you of the purpose and manner in which the personal information you provide is used.

1. Purpose of collection and usage of personal information
· To register for the 2024 Jeju International Island Symposium (JIIS)
· To provide information based on your needs and to respond to your requests
· To communicate with you about the 2024 JIIS.

2. Items of personal information collection
Name, Nationality, Affiliation, Position, Cell phone and Email etc.

3. Period of maintenance and use of collected personal information
Personal information that has been collected will be kept and used for five years and will be destroyed thereafter.

4. Right to refuse and disadvantages of refusal
The user has the right to refuse the collection and use of personal information. However, the refusal may result in disadvantages with respect to participating in the 2024 Jeju International Island Symposium.

5. Contact
If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or about the use of your personal information, please feel free to contact us by email at amkijeju2019@gmail.com

Date: 01 May 2024

63243 제주특별자치도 제주시 제주대학로 102 제주대학교 산학협력관 202-4호

TEL : 064-754-8308

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